In addition to the DICAS application, all applicants interested in applying to our program must submit a supplemental application. Use the proposed rotation schedule template as a tool to organize rotation sites, dates, and preceptor information.

BWS DI applicants have a couple of choices to make when filling out their supplemental application, such as the choice between part-time or full-time AND whether or not to select the DI-Only pathway or MS/DI pathway.

DI-Only vs MS/DI

Applicants can choose to complete only the dietetic internship or choose one of our MS/DI partners depending on where they are in their RD2Be journey. You can learn about all of our MS/DI Partners here.

For those applying to the MS/DI pathway, applicants must align their rotation schedule dates with the MS/DI curriculum timeline for the graduate program that they are applying for. Each curriculum timeline may be found on the graduate program pages, and other important dates for the MS/DI pathway may be found here.

DI-Only Pathway

Great for applicants who…

  • already have a master’s degree
  • are currently pursuing a master’s degree
  • plan to apply to a master’s program that is not a BWS DI MS program partner

Program Length: 8 months or 12 months

MS/DI Pathway

Great for applicants who…

  • are just graduating from their undergrad
  • are interested in applying to one of our MS/DI partners
  • want to complete their MS and DI together to sit for the RD Exam sooner

Program Length: 17-26 months (varies depending on chosen partner)

Full-Time vs Part-Time

To assist in your decision, here is what to consider when choosing between the full-time and part-time tracks:

Full-Time Part-Time
Total Internship Duration 8 months 12 months
Curriculum Duration* 8 months 8 months
Minimum Rotation Hours Per Week Interns typically work 40 hours/week 20 hours

*All interns, regardless of part-time or full-time status, will follow the same didactic curriculum timeline, but part-time interns will have additional time to complete their rotations.

Rotation Schedule Examples

Wondering what a completed proposed rotation schedule looks like? Check out the below for full and part-time examples of the 4 and 5-rotation schedule options.


Our program faculty are happy to answer any questions that you have and provide support throughout the application process. Please send any questions to or schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor via Calendly. You can also check out our Application Resources page for support!