Innovative Approach With An Individualized Program

The Be Well Solutions Distance Dietetic Internship offers opportunities for motivated interns to create personalized programs by finding practice sites and preceptors that serve their unique career objectives.  While designed to produce qualified and competent entry-level dietitians (RDN’s), our program provides areas of concentration in Corporate Wellness and Health Promotion.  These concentrations provide exposure to an industry (worksite wellness) that is expected to experience robust growth as more and more organizations adopt wellness programs to help lower healthcare costs and improve employee morale.  

This distance internship is geared to the intern who is self-motivated and interested in taking a proactive approach to their program.  Interested interns must work well independently and communicate effectively in person and via technology.

Required Rotations

As a distance dietetic internship, we require interns to secure their own supervised practice rotations using sites and preceptors of their choice. Interns are expected to find qualified Registered Dietitian Nutritionists as preceptors. In order to complete the minimum requirement of 1200 supervised practice hours, we require interns to complete the following rotations:

  • Clinical – 480 hours

  • Foodservice – 80 hours

  • Community Public Health – 160 hours

  • Wellness Disease Prevention – 320 hours

  • Emphasis – 160 hours

Be Well Solutions Dietetic Internship Faculty will approve each intern’s proposed plan and schedule prior to the start of their program.

Program Concentration

Be Well Solutions is a comprehensive wellness company specializing in corporate wellness and health promotion. Through didactic learning during the Wellness Rotation, interns will become proficient in assessment of an organization’s population health risks, development of worksite wellness programming based on the populations’ needs, and participation in, and implementation of, a comprehensive worksite wellness program. Supervised practice during the Wellness Rotation will allow interns to practice effective health communications through design and presentation of nutrition and health related seminars, handouts, newsletters, health posters and other communication tools. As a result of the comprehensive Wellness Rotation, interns will graduate from our program with a concentration in corporate wellness and health promotion.

Program Requirements

The Be Well Solutions Dietetic Internship is a full-time internship program that can be completed in 10 months. In the event of extenuating circumstances, interns have up to 150% of the time allotted to complete the program requirements (15 months).  Interns are required to travel to Be Well Solutions in the Cleveland Metropolitan Area on two occasions – for an Orientation Week that introduces them to their faculty advisors and provides firm foundations for their upcoming rotations and for a 3-Day Exit Class session that prepares graduates for the next steps in their professional journeys. Interns must have a laptop with Microsoft Word and a USB port that they bring to the Orientation and Exit Class events. Interns are responsible for their transportation to and from the hotel site in Cleveland, but once onsite for these events, lodging and most meals are covered. Interns must have access to a high-speed internet connection for scheduled online conference meetings.

In order to graduate from the program, interns must successfully complete the minimum supervised practice hours, didactic learning experiences, and fulfill learning objectives in order to demonstrate competencies laid forth by ACEND and BWS DI. Additionally, interns must pass the BWS DI comprehensive examination that will be administered after rotations are completed.

Be Well Solutions will provide a Verification Statement to interns upon completion of the program. The Program Director will submit names to the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) as evidence that the interns are eligible to sit for the Registered Dietitian (RD) credentialing exam.

The Be Well Solutions Dietetic Internship has been granted Candidacy for Accreditation Status by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), the accrediting agency for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Graduates of the program will be eligible to sit for the dietetic Registration Exam.

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2190
Chicago, IL 60606-6995
Phone: (312) 899-0040 ext. 5400

Why Choose Be Well Solutions

Flexibility & Opportunity

The Be Well Solutions DI is designed to provide interns with all of the guidance, support and knowledge required to become a successful Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  The Be Well Solutions DI allows interns to create their own rotation schedule at their preferred geographic location(s).  This design offers maximum flexibility and the opportunity to network with nutrition professionals in a wide variety of practice settings.

Faculty Advisor Team

Our program values each intern and provides mentoring and guidance in order to help every intern succeed as an entry-level dietitian. Our team of Faculty Advisors have a unique role in connecting with interns throughout the program, offering advice and mentoring. Each intern is placed with a Faculty Advisor, who remains their main contact on a regular basis. Additionally, the Faculty Advisor will lead a small group of interns in monthly online conference meetings, will ensure rotation requirements are being met, is in touch with preceptors, and provides academic feedback on BWS DI assignments.


Even though our interns are completing rotations nationwide, BWS DI strives to maintain a strong sense of community within each intern class. As interns come together for Orientation, connections with faculty and interns are developed and maintained throughout the program. The Faculty Advisor groups provide frequent discussion opportunities among interns, fostering continued connections. Gathering again at Exit Class, interns connect again and enter the field of nutrition and dietetics with professional contacts across the country. The community established within each class extends beyond the internship program into their professional career paths.

Orientation and Exit Class

Orientation is a week-long event located in Solon, Ohio – a suburb of Cleveland. The Orientation Week will allow the interns to get to know their classmates and faculty in a personal way. Throughout the Orientation Week, the interns will receive instruction from an assortment of practicing RDNs and experienced clinical and healthcare professionals. Our talented faculty will provide the essentials needed to build a solid clinical foundation for upcoming rotations. Interns will collaborate on projects before and during Orientation. At the completion of the Orientation Week, the interns will participate in a memorable White Coat Ceremony.

Following orientation, the interns begin their prearranged rotations. Throughout rotations our interns will attend online meetings and receive instruction and feedback from the BWS DI faculty.

The internship concludes with a three-day Exit Class and graduation ceremony in Solon, Ohio. During this event, interns will have the opportunity to plan diligently for their career. Session topics will prepare interns for resume building, honing in on job interview skills, networking, professionalism, and interns will present final projects to their class.

Assistance Securing Rotations

Unlike most other distance programs, we are willing to provide some guidance with securing rotation sites. Interns are highly encouraged to have all sites confirmed prior to applying to the program. For more information, prospective interns can email We are fully committed to our interns’ success in the program and following graduation.

Once a student is accepted into our program, the Lead Faculty will provide assistance, as needed, to help the intern secure practice sites/preceptors so rotations required by the program can be completed.

To learn more, please contact Be Well Solutions via email:

Intern Employment

As a result from graduating from BWS DI, our interns are poised for a variety of entry-level dietitian roles. Many of our interns have accepted positions in the fields of clinical, wellness, and community nutrition.