Program Plan

All applicants applying to our program must submit a program plan. This document allows applicants to customize their internship and state what program characteristics are most ideal for their situation, such as selecting a:

  • Preferred start date
  • Full-time or part-time schedule
  • MS/DI or DI-Only pathway
  • 4-rotation or 5-rotation schedule

The Program Plan also contains a proposed rotation schedule template for applicants to fill out. Download the Program Plan template below to get started.

While it is highly recommended for applicants to have a completed rotation schedule upon applying to our program, it is not required. Individuals are still encouraged to apply to BWS DI while they search for their remaining sites and preceptors.

The Program Plan should be uploaded to DICAS for submission. After the date of submission, any changes to your Program Plan can be emailed to

Rotation Schedule Assistance

For those in need of help with their rotation schedule, we encourage applicants to work 1:1 with our Outreach Coordinator who can help fill gaps and make connections with existing preceptors in our site directory. To get in contact with our Outreach Coordinator, please email

Applicants are also encouraged to download the Preceptor Toolkit on our Application Resources page and review our Tips for Securing Rotations.

Rotation Options

5-Rotation Schedule

  • Clinical (≥320 hours)
  • Foodservice (≥80 hours)
  • Community/Public Health (≥160 hours)
  • Wellness (≥320 hours)
  • Elective (≥160 hours)

4-Rotation Schedule

  • Clinical (≥320 hours)
  • Foodservice (≥80 hours)
  • Community/Public Health (≥160 hours)
  • Wellness (≥320 hours)
  • Flex Hours (≥160 hours)

Rotation Considerations

No matter which option you choose, all interns are expected to complete a minimum of 1,040 supervised practice hours. For those selecting the 4-rotation option the 160 flex hours, can be allocated to 1 or multiple rotations.

Please use the proposed rotation schedule template within the Program Plan as a tool to organize rotation sites, dates, and preceptor information. Examples of the proposed 4-rotation and 5-rotation schedules are provided above for reference.

Applicants applying to the MS/DI pathway must align their rotation schedule dates with the MS/DI curriculum timeline for the graduate program that they are applying for. Each curriculum timeline may be found on the graduate program page, located under the “MS/DI Pathway” tab. Other relevant dates for the MS/DI pathway may be found under Important Dates.

Reminder: not all sites need to be secured before submitting your application, but doing so may strengthen your application.


Our program faculty are happy to answer any questions that you have and provide support throughout the application process. Please send any questions to or schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor via Calendly. You can also check out our Application Resources page for support!