Becoming a Distance Dietetic Internship Preceptor

One of the benefits of a distance dietetic internship is the opportunity it provides dietetic interns to customize their own rotation schedules that align with their career goals and interests.

Since 2017, the Be Well Solutions Dietetic Internship Program is proud to have guided over 200 dietetic interns in their RD2Be journeys while also fostering relationships with nearly 500 preceptors who graciously welcomed our interns in their organizations, private practices, and other places of employment.

If you are a registered dietitian or nutrition professional and are interested in becoming a preceptor, we encourage you to check out the information below to get started. Becoming a preceptor is a wonderful way to give back to the nutrition and dietetics community while also supporting the next generation of nutrition professionals in all areas of the profession.

I love hearing the different ideas and curiosities about our work that the Be Well dietetic interns bring in. They often have such a refreshing energy and fewer preconceived notions about dietetics practice, and I love that. I also appreciate how their questions inspire me to be curious and reflect myself about why we do what we do.

Lindsay Krasna, MA, EdM, RD, CDN, LK Nutrition

Benefits of Being a Preceptor

In addition to some of the benefits listed by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, additional benefits of precepting include:

  • Earn 15 CPEUs per 5-year cycle, plus ACEND offers a free 8 CPEU Preceptor Training Program

  • Opportunity to build your resume and gain management experience

  • Receive support in day-to-day responsibilities

How to Become a BWS DI Preceptor

To protect our interns and ensure a quality rotation experience, we have a few requirements for those interested in becoming a BWS DI preceptor:

  • 1

    Have +2 years of experience

  • 2

    Review and sign our Preceptor Guide (will be provided by BWS DI Faculty)

  • 3

    Complete DEI and ACEND Preceptor Training Programs (encouraged, but not mandatory)

For Current or Potential Preceptors

Here are some example competencies (CRDNs) we would expect a preceptor to evaluate an intern on:

The full list of competencies (CRDNs) are listed in our Preceptor Summary Sheets, which can be requested by emailing Each Preceptor Summary Sheet also contains a variety of example activities that can be used to generate ideas for helping interns meet the requirements of their rotation.

Note: If you are considering taking an intern for their Elective rotation, no particular competencies must be met. This rotation allows interns to explore a specialty area that falls outside the core program disciplines. Preceptors will still be expected to evaluate the intern for any possible competencies met during the rotation.

Ready to Become a Preceptor? Join our Preceptor Database!

You do not need to be a BWS DI alumni or be working with a current intern to join our preceptor database. We are always looking for qualified individuals interested in mentoring the next generation of nutrition professionals. By joining our preceptor database, we can pair you with one of our wonderful dietetic interns based on need and location. Please note: Your information will not be shared out and will only be used by our Outreach Coordinator.

Ready to join our preceptor database? Click here to complete a brief form. Want to learn more before joining? Please email to speak to a faculty member.