The Be Well Solutions Dietetic Internship Program (BWS DI) is a U.S.-based, fully accredited, distance dietetic internship program with a corporate wellness and disease prevention concentration, led by Be Well Solutions, a physician-owned worksite wellness company. BWS DI takes an intern-centered approach by allowing interns to create a personalized dietetic internship experience unique to their career goals as well as through continuous program improvement efforts driven by intern and alumni feedback.

BWS DI is proud to support the professional development of all aspiring registered dietitians, including international students. Since 2017, we have accepted over 200 applicants all with diverse backgrounds and experiences which we believe contribute to the success of our program. Having supported many international BWS DI interns over the years, we encourage any international students interested in pursuing a distance internship to consider our program on their journey to becoming a registered dietitian.

Common FAQs

Yes, we have accepted a number of international students since our program started in 2017. We love supporting students along their RD2Be journey no matter their background.

International students generally have an F1 visa with OPT (Optional Practical Training) eligibility to complete their dietetic internship.

ACEND has also listed out other visa options that may be applicable to international students in ACEND-accredited programs. Click here to view the ACEND website.

Be Well Solutions cannot provide visas to applicants but we can assist with paperwork and answering questions regarding this process. We strongly recommend having your visa approved prior to submitting your dietetic internship application for admission consideration.

For more specific questions about applying for a visa, we recommend reaching out to the State Department.

We accept transcripts from any accredited U.S. or international university. If your transcripts are not from an accredited university, an equivalency evaluation must be completed. Here is a list of foreign degree evaluation agencies for reference.

All of our application requirements can be found here. If you did not attend an internationally accredited program (check the ACEND website to confirm your school in the program directory), you must complete an equivalency evaluation to meet the transcripts requirement for your application.

We allow interns to complete rotations in the geographic area of their choice, but all supervised practice hours must be completed on U.S. soil.

Need help in finding rotations and preceptors? We recommend downloading our Preceptor Toolkit which can be found on our Application Resources page or checking out our Tips for Securing Rotations. If you need additional support or have questions about a potential site, please email us at

Next Steps

  • Resources to get started

    Here are a few resources when starting your dietetic internship application process:

  • Check out a Virtual Open House

    To learn more about our program and information on the DICAS application process, please register for an upcoming Virtual Open House:

  • Visit our Application Resources Page

    We’ve prepared a one-stop Application Resources page for all your application needs. Learn more about the BWS DI program, download free application resources, and receive an application checklist to help you during your application process.


If you have more personalized questions relating to your application and international student status, feel free to send us an email at or schedule time with a faculty advisor via Calendly.