Penn State University Master of Professional Studies in Nutritional Sciences

Penn State University’s (PSU) Master of Professional Studies in Nutritional Science is designed to prepare students for evidence-based advanced practice. Their 30 credit curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and interactive technology to engage students in the learning process. The program’s course work is focused on the development of leadership skills, which can set students apart from their peers.

More information about the program’s mission and objectives can be found here.

Admission and Application Requirements

The admission and application requirements for PSU are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nutrition, animal sciences, food science, dietetics, or a related biological/biomedical or health sciences discipline
  • Prerequisite undergraduate courses for admission: organic chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, an introductory nutrition course, and one advanced nutrition course. Students must obtain a grade of a B or better in each of these courses to be considered for admission
  • Official transcripts from each institution attended
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Program-specific questions, resume, and personal statement

The GRE is not required to apply to PSU. More information about application requirements can be found here.

The application schedule below is for interns who are applying to the BWSDI MS/DI Pathway:

Application Period

Graduate School Application Deadline

Graduate School Decision Deadline

Fall Match

September 25 October 25
Spring Match February 15

March 22


PSU also participates in Preselect with BWS DI. The Preselect Option allows dietetic internships to grant early admission to applicants from didactic programs in dietetics (DPD program) through which BWS DI has established an agreement with. More information about the Preselect option can be found here.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial aid and scholarships are available for PSU’s MPS in Nutritional Sciences. Learn more about tuition and financial aid here.

MS + DI Curriculum Timeline

The curriculum timeline for both Spring and Fall Match can be found here. PSU’s academic calendar can be found here.

Graduation and Program Completion Requirements

Prior to graduating from PSU, students must complete a capstone project in which they identify an issue or problem in their work setting and produce and implement an evidence-based solution. Students must complete 30 credits.

More information about graduation and program completion requirements can be found here.

Contact Information

Any questions about the PSU + BWS DI MS/DI Pathway may be sent to or