So your DICAS application is submitted and you’re impatiently waiting for Notification Day to arrive. But did you know that some programs include interviews as part of their application review process?

While you thought submitting your application on time was the most stressful part of the process, you’re quickly rethinking this when you receive an invitation to interview. Although we hope this isn’t the case, we know that interviews can be intimidating. To help ease any pre-interview jitters, we’ve prepared some information to help calm your nerves and leave you feeling ready to rock your interview.

The Be Well Solutions Dietetic Internship Interview Team

Applicants will get the opportunity to meet 2 members of our team during their interview. Click here to get to know our faculty.

Does BWS DI have applicant interviews?

Yes, the Be Well Solutions Dietetic Internship Program hosts applicant interviews so we get a chance to know our applicants a little better, plus it allows an opportunity for applicants to ask questions about the BWS DI Program.

After the BWS DI faculty team has reviewed applications, email outreach will begin to schedule interviews with our top applicants.

If I’m granted an interview, what should I expect?

Each interview will be 30 minutes long and you will get to virtually meet with two members of our lead faculty. While our faculty will come prepared with questions, you will also receive time to ask questions and get to know our program better. (We highly recommend coming prepared with questions!)

Don’t worry… we aren’t trying to quiz you and there are no trick questions up our sleeves. If you’ve made it this far, we know you are an accomplished individual and we just want to get to know you better!

How are interviews scheduled? Will I be expected to attend onsite or virtually?

If you receive an invitation to interview, you will get to select a day and time that works best for your schedule via our meeting scheduling system, Calendly. Once confirmed, you will receive a Zoom link and instructions for joining the interview. All our interviews are conducted virtually, just like any internship event hosted by BWS DI.

How should I prepare for my dietetic internship interview?

If you are selected for an interview, congratulations! We look forward to the opportunity to meet you. No matter how stellar your application was, we really recommend preparing for your dietetic internship interview just like you would for any future job interview. Here are some faculty-approved tips to start preparing:

    1. Review your application materials

      Depending on when your interview is scheduled, it already may have been a few weeks since you submitted your application and you’ll want to refresh your memory on any important details that may get brought up in an interview setting. Your application is the only way we’ve gotten to know you so far, so the BWS DI faculty will be using your application as a reference to ask questions and conduct a conversation that will allow us to get to know you better. Reviewing your application materials again in advance so you can speak confidently about your experiences is strongly recommended. You certainly wouldn’t want to forget a detail mentioned in your academic history or personal statement.

    2. Do your research

      We are trying to get to know you as much as possible, so we want you to do the same and we have a whole website for you to do so. Read through all of our website pages and FAQs, read our blog, etc. This is a great chance for you to learn more about our program and help you ideate questions, leaving you that much more prepared for your interview.

    3. Prepare questions

      Interviews are like dates and the best dates have a two-way conversation. We could certainly talk for the full 30 minutes but we also want you to get to know us! This is also your time to vet our program and determine if you want to rank us as your top dietetic internship program. You may think of questions during the interview, but coming prepared with 3-5 questions just in case will help so you don’t have to think of one on the spot.

    4. Create an elevator speech

      If you were meeting one of us in an elevator, what would be the top things you’d want us to know about you (in about a 10-second speech or less) or take away from our meeting? This is your time to put your best foot forward so we’re left with remembering the best of you.

    5. Plan your interview setup

      Before the day of your interview, it’s best to think through where will you set up your computer to ensure good lighting and little noise or distraction. Also, is there a favorite outfit that gives you a boost of confidence or do you think better after having a meal/snack or cup of coffee? These are all things to consider to ensure that you feel ready and to eliminate any nerves. Tip: Don’t forget to have a notepad and pen available to take notes and even consider printing your application materials to have available just in case!

Interviews are a part of your professional life whether you like it or not, but the more interview practice you have the better you will be at them. Reframing your mindset about interviews to use them to your advantage and help in the decision-making process can help you feel more in control as well.

Have a question? Leave a comment below, or send us an email at! Don’t forget to check out our other posts on the BWS DI Blog for helpful tips during your dietetic internship and beyond.