Thank you for your interest in BWS DI’s MS/DI Pathway. Per the CDR 2024 Graduate Degree Requirement, after January 1, 2024, dietetic interns must complete all requirements of the dietetic internship and successfully complete a graduate program to receive a DI verification statement and to be eligible to take the registration examination for dietitians. We are proud to have two pathways that interns may pursue in order to meet these requirements: 

  • MS/DI Pathway: For interns who choose to apply to one of our 6 MS program partners. 
  • DI-Only Pathway: For interns who already have a master’s degree, are pursuing a master’s degree at the time of application, or are planning to apply to a program that is not a BWS DI MS program partner. You may learn more about our DI-Only Pathway here, and instructions for applying to the DI can be found here

BWS DI MS Program Partners

We are proud to have 7 online master’s program partners that are dedicated to providing interns with knowledge and professional skills that will ensure success in the practice of dietetics. These partners have been chosen in an effort to provide interns with options that tailor to a variety of interests. 

An overview of our MS partners and their requirements, timeline, and other important information can be found at the links below. We recommend that you look over this information carefully, as programs vary in their area of concentration, length, completion requirements, deadlines, etc.

University/College Name Degree Received Credits Tracks Offered

Length to Complete

MS and DI

Arizona State University Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences: Dietetics 30 None 21 months (Spring Match) 

18 months (Fall Match)

Benedictine University Master of Science in Nutrition and Wellness 33 Nutrition Entrepreneurship

Health Education

21 months (Spring Match) 

17 months (Fall Match)

Cedar Crest College* Master in Nutrition 36 Nutrition 

Modular Master of Science

 Integrative Exercise Science

18 months (Spring Match) 

17 months (Fall Match)

Penn State University Master of Professional Studies in Nutritional Sciences 30-39 None 28 months (Spring Match) 

28 months (Fall Match)

Simmons University* Master of Science in Nutrition and Health Promotion 31-32 Research 


21 months (Spring Match) 

24 months (Fall Match)

University of Alabama Master of Science in Human Nutrition 30 General



18 months
West Chester University Master of Science in Community Nutrition 33 None 23 Months (Spring Match)

26 Months (Fall Match)

Please note that the application instructions provided on each page are specific to the BWS DI MS/DI pathway and may differ from what you see on the individual program websites. You may send an email to if you have questions about our MS partners or are interested in learning more. 

*There is not a separate master’s program application for Simmons University or Cedar Crest College. Rather, applicants may use the same DICAS materials that they submit to BWS DI to apply to these programs. Applicants to these programs will be required to submit a Release of Information Form along with their supplemental application. Please visit the program pages for more information. 

Admission and Application Requirements

There are two steps to applying for BWS DI’s MS/DI Pathway:

  1. Apply to one or more of our MS program partners.
  2. Apply to BWS DI through DICAS. Instructions for how to apply to the DI can be found here.

Applications for the MS program partners are accepted for fall and spring admission following the schedule below: 

Application Period Graduate School Application Deadline Graduate School Decision Deadline
Fall Match September 25 October 25
Spring Match February 15 March 22

None of the programs that BWS DI is partnered with require the GRE. For more information about each program’s admission and application instructions and requirements, please visit their program pages. 

As mentioned above, in addition to applying to a master’s program, applicants are required to apply to BWS DI through DICAS. Click here for more information about our DI application process.

BWS DI Application Fee: For those who are applying to our MS program partners, the BWS DI $75 application processing fee is waived. More information about our program’s fees can be found here

Program Acceptance

Upon acceptance into an MS program, BWS DI requires proof of admission with a letter of acceptance or other documentation provided by the MS program. Proof of admission may be emailed to If available prior to the DICAS application deadline, the proof of admission must be submitted with the Supplemental Application.

Rotation Schedule

Applicants applying to the MS/DI pathway must align their rotation schedule dates with the MS/DI curriculum timeline for the graduate program that they are applying for. Each curriculum timeline may be found on the program pages that are linked above, and other important dates for the MS/DI pathway may be found here.

Other MS Degree Options

Please note that BWS DI’s MS program partners are not the only options that applicants have for pursuing a master’s degree during the dietetic internship. Applicants may pursue a different master’s program that BWS DI is not partnered with. 

The master’s degree program does not need to be in nutrition or dietetics for interns to become eligible to take the RD exam. For example, you may pursue an MPH, MBA, or other area of interest. As a reminder, applicants must provide BWS DI with proof of acceptance into the chosen MS program prior to starting the internship.

Applicants who choose a master’s program that is outside of our MS program partners will apply to BWS DI through our DI-Only Pathway. More information about the DI-Only Pathway can be found here


Our program faculty are happy to answer any questions that you have and provide support throughout the application process. Questions can be sent to